Monday, 24 December 2012

The Good The Bad and The Ugly !

The Good The Bad and The Ugly !

The Good:-

I was barely 12 when I first witnessed eve teasing, the subject being my own cousin(I have more than 12 of them !). Gallant, as I was back then, I chased those rats down to their holes, created a havoc, caused some public embarrassment not only for them but for their families too. For them, a burly 12 twelve year old fighting back with tears dripping down his cheeks and squeaky voice was astounding. As influencing and sympathizing as an honest and innocent protest could be, I was able to sway their own family members in my favor, although the guys didn't got beaten up, I could see them wary of that possibility, All this drama didn't last more than a few minutes, but those were my minutes of glory. Back home I was hailed for being a hero, my cousin who spent hours crying over the incident came running when she saw me crying apprehensive of me got beaten up by those foul creatures ! I enjoyed some very delicious and expensive chocolates that evening. So far so good.

The Bad:-

Six years later, I was traveling in a bus and like most of the buses it too was crowded. May be that was one of the bad days I had, maybe I had a bad and inciting company(having said that, I have nobody to blame but myself !), may be it was the festive frenzy getting better of me, may be the girl standing beside me was too beautiful to ignore, but surely that was the day I humiliated myself, only to realize later the severity of what I had done. Some of you would understand how difficult is it to put into words one's own humiliation. To my defense I would have said such groping and touching is commonplace, but now I realize that such things become commonplace when good people like me(Yeah I do believe I am a good man !) falter in our rarest moment of weakness. The ugly is yet to come !!!

The Ugly:-

I was raving furiously when I got hold of the guy who sent a lewd sms to another cousin of mine. He had company and I was cautious of that, but being a hunk of a guy has its advantages and I would have turned violent but something snapped. Some say anger and grief are twins, I couldn't differentiate between the two, as the memories of the bus incident came rushing, I saw the line between the molester and the protector diminishing. I let his friends intervene, let them go with just a warning.


I have been following the recent events closely. Now that I have given a lot of thought to this, I believe that all of us have been corrupt once in a while, all of us have been gross, all of us have faltered some time or the other(kudos to those who haven't !!!) but that doesn't mean that we are all devils. If we could find a way to repent and confess, there is still hope. Please do not take it for a blunt and brazen act of garnering some support for those who have been heinous. As a matter of fact I suppose none of us should be impune of these little sins of ours. But more important is the fact that we should help ourselves and others not falling prey for  the second time or for that matter of fact, even for the first time, we protest against something wrong, help those who we ourselves victimized once and let the good inside us prevail over the bad and the ugly.

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