Friday, 26 October 2012

My Frisky Abode!

Characters and Hot-Spots at I Top

A brief sketch of my wing and wingies.

Unlike pleasant languor or the iconic sloth that surrounds the man himself, Raghav's place serves to be the epicentre of all jocund cackle radiating outwards to rather remote and inarticulate corners of our wing, occupied by seemingly studious and frustrated to the limits of nymphomaniacs, CSE guys, with the only source of commotion for those parts being Gargi's early morning chortles of glee on watching BBT which served as excellent alarms waking me up for morning walks last summers. Rattling on the way, very dignified as compared to the rest of the wing, mainly due to some feminine presence, tech savvy and gadget furbished, I suppose it would be foolish to call it just a room, Zade Software Labs. Despite all it's ferocity, this noise meets impudence passing through the rooms or should I say territories of Punjabi duo of our wing living right opposite to each other, overwhelming with music composed in extremist ridden parts of Punjab and the sole intent of such music could be torturous vengeance against all Non-Punjabis for all those jokes on Punjabis. Echoes of such message of hate trembling lover-spot turned double room of the wing with its only inhabitant making it a place of frequent tryst after long library hours. And the last hotspot of our wing being the extended robo-club where lives the recently blown out of proportions Ayush running after his day's quota of productive work while all around him indulge themselves in counterproductive activities.

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