Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Creepers on Concrete............


He is taller than her, much taller and strong. She clinched his arm with an elbow warped around it and the other hand gripping it hard. I don't know if he is hilarious or what, but he makes her smile, that same smile designed to overwhelm logic and rationale. Often he hurls that arm, tossing her away, and suddenly catches her with the other one round her waist. I haven't talked to him, we are not acquainted at all, but I see that look on his face, the look of a man who holds his most desirable thing close to his heart, so close, almost rolled up his sleeves, like a creeper clambering along a slender trunk. But creepers do not grow on concrete floors, I have long been a silent tree, tall and my bark dark, rich and coarse, doled out fruits of smiles to the company I keep, and shade of sincerity to those who trust me. The idea of a junglee banyan growing on concrete seems vaguely comprehensible, but creepers only grown on moist soft humus, their greenery, much lighter a shade, alike succulent mellow stems they wrap in and out. They make their host bend and twirl by their weight, unlike dark coarse stock, too rigid to bend or too coarse to embrace.

Hall 4 Quad, around 9PM,

Naveen: Tharki sale, kahan bhi kha le ke use hi dekhta rahega !
Me: I don't like this Paneer Butter Masala, tastes like the same        mess food.
Naveen: Hall 4 canteen was your idea......
Check out the girl in red.
Me: The one with the creepy guy to my right?
Naveen: Do these girls have some special talents for zeroing out creepy guys and getting along with them or is there something more to it.........
Me: You would have got one that way :P
Naveen: You know what is creepy, you ogling the girl in green for last 10 mins :P
Me: You don't get it, do you? She is the one dude!
Naveen: WTF, the one?

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